The Importance of Posting Fresh Content on your Website

Content Marketing

When you own an online business, or even a local one, the first thing you want to make sure is that you rank higher in search engine results, because without that you won’t have enough profitability and that can really be a bad thing. SEO is a set of techniques that are specifically created in order to help you rank high in search results, which will allow you to gain a lot more leads and increase the profitability rate of your site, which is truly important.

Having fresh content on your site is crucial nowadays, because keeping the same old content for years and years won’t show that you are a professional. In addition to that, search engines also want fresh content as much as possible, so try to add that whenever you can.

The freshness level of a site is shown by the inception date. The closer the inception date is to the current date, the better chances for the site to rank higher. So the best thing to do from a SEO standpoint is to update the site as often as you can.

The amounts of changes on a web page also play a major role, and that is truly important.  You do need to perform large changes, not just adjust a sentence and that’s it, because it will simply not bring the same effect.

More frequent document changes will show search engines as well as website visitors that you care more about your site, and that is truly important for any website owner.

Changes to the important content, such as landing pages for example, will always matter more. Yes, this requires a lot more time to perform, but in the end these pages are the one that receive the most visits, so you do need to make sure that the content on them is updated and spot on. If the content here is great, then you will have even more visitors on your site.

On top of that, the rate of new link growth will always signal freshness, so you want to make these changes as often as possible for the best results. Remember to always link from fresh sites past the fresh value, as that will also help a lot as well.

Remember that the changes in the anchor text signals can devalue links so do try to avoid making such changes, otherwise the search engine ranking will have to suffer.

Fresh content can impact SEO tremendously, that’s why you always need to make sure that you keep your content up to date, so both visitors and search engines can see that you are active and you care about your site. For search engine optimized content marketing services; reach out to this reputable Canadian SEO company.

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